About Us

Daniel Woods Funeral Care is a family owned business, providing a "special quality" of personal service by paying particular attention to detail, being sensitive to family needs and providing a dignified service.  We are here to support you and all families throughout the Riverina and into the metropolitan districts.  Our focus and unwaivering commitment is to the families we serve and care for.

Our aim is to gently guide you through the journey of funeral preparation and farewell so as to honour your loved one and to care for your wellbeing.  We give you time, focus on listening to cater for your individuals needs, and provide advice and suggestions to craft a meaningful and appropriate farewell service. 

At Daniel Woods Funeral Care everything we do, we do to honour life...

  • By providing a sense of comfort and security to those who grieve

  • By treating those who have died with the utmost respect and dignity

  • By helping people to commence the important journey of healing as they reconcile their grief

  • By honouring the lives of those who have died with a ceremony that facilitates remembrance, celebration and hope.

Funerals are Important... because Life is Important